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"Sundence Film Foward" presence in Puerto Rico.

                                           I am an aspirig writer and -ex- film industry employee,  so I have decided to talk about two of  the screenings I attended and just to  flow with them.

This is my take on “SUNDANCE FILM FORWARD “presence in Puerto Rico. From the 21 to the 25 of June , 2011. At the "Museo de arte de Puerto Rico"  and "Museo de arte de Ponce".

These two films I saw definitely describe what the Film Forward is all about. It is also about films for new audiences, about representing aspiring producers and actors. Excuse my grammar, but you will get it, and that’s cool, that's what is all about, getting it. Thank you for coming to the island.

"Afghan Star" -Havana Marking  Director

This is the story of a particular time frame. I feel comfortable saying that it is told from the contestant’s point of view, of their life,  from their trials to the end of their  prarticipation in this singing contest, produced in Afghan television.  I thought a lot about the Middle Eastern music during the film, so I will go on saying that music was the main context of this piece. Using that, the documentary flows about the love human beings can develop towards their own goals in life. The story line was very good, also impresive. The conservative religious believers and their points of view were very present throughout the documentary. But at the end , it is the life of the woman and men singers that  really moves the rhythm of this film. The film had excellent geography takes, that made you rethink about the regions influence on peoples moods,  as their surroundings were so harsh to come by some times,  and so beautiful in others.  It was hard for me to accept the voting at the end of  the T.V .show, but still,  I was satisfied to know who won.  Female presence was very strong also , giving the audience a feel of home values ,and the risk women take in life. It also felt like being walking around with brothers. Accepting elders believes as changes come, and in other angles challenging those decisions, may be the most important theme here. It was a very serious dialogue, like in many other Middle Eastern films; jokes are common but not the main course. All contestant women were very feminine, I liked that, I love saris. Guys were also very gentlemanly inside the studio.  But, Rafi Naabzada looked very relaxed in front of the camera, and I think he is a very good prospect for India’s film industry as I have seen some of their pieces, that nourish so much the singing qualities in actors. Very cool minimalistic, Indie style  cover.

"Winter’s Bone"  -Debrah Granik Director
Ok, I liked this movie a lot , anyone who likes suspense and drama would eat some popcorn here. It was about a moment in the life of this girl who needs her father to show up for their family. A very common problem among many families around the world. 
The setting of the film was so packed with characterization, real to the point of being the actual homes of the actors; as the Director mentioned in the Sundance panel. That just makes you re-think if all of these personal belongings’ are symbols of the occult. But they’re not, see the movie and shoot on that one yourself. The story line was excellent, but don’t sit there thinking that every five minutes some ghost or gun will show up,  because this is not that kind of popcorn eating.  It will get inside you; still you will be pleased as she goes on. It was a very real and realizable story. The title was good for me. When you are in the forest, it’s inevitable that you will be carried towards nature.  Those sounds,
" were very well placed "  and may well be the most important editing desition in this film,  as they weave with sound effects to get that flow of mystery deep down in your popcorn bag.  I loved this texture, was so fantasy like, such an antagonist with the films theme. Whoa!   the dialogue…that was also a very important thing on this pallet. Buckle up here, you are in “Ozark mountain “, this is not Winterfell or Middle Earth , or Bruce Lees lost in an island full of villains , you need to pay attention ,  and that made you feel so insignificant among them. I was thinking about that feeling “Tree Burials of Melkiades Estrada “ film gave me. That sense of "I don’t belong there ever" This was based on a novel, very good screen play.  I won’t comment about the acting, since it was a  very personal and sensible topic for the Director at the pannel. I love that cover, are you willing to take that ride…?
  Winter's Bone Director Debra Granik showed here in the island and talked to the audience very patiently.   Thanks to “Last Train Home “Director, Lixing Lan for his devotion to our understanding of his film endeavor. Some friends told me very good things about his documentary, I look forward to see it.

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