miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2018

I dared to be someone ...

Translation from previous post on June 26, 2015 / Pastel color pencil over cardboard by : Tito Velez

Sometimes I get enraged when I say who I am, and after all… I treat myself very well. I always prepare myself very good meals, I’m always trying to approach the arts as much as possible and, every time nature allows me, I have much compassion for others.

  I always try to dress very properly. To end my point, I can say I treat myself and others very well.

  It is in that process that I call "Who I am" that I create many connections, and those will make me even more authentic, they will make who I am... But I also want to be... I want to be and do things that appeal to me. And, when chasing them, I feel vulnerable. Vulnerable to being despised, separated, ignored, and not accepted.

  All for being authentic and dreaming of being something more than I am.

  Because who I yearn to be is not the same as who I am, and being vulnerable is, precisely being who you are, being authentic.


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